The origin of walnut is in Caucasus or Persia and walnut is one of the oldest edible tree nuts which has been eaten by human beings since 7,000 B.C. and is still popular around the world.
It is confirmed that there used to be walnuts in Europe long time ago.
The walnuts which seemed to exist about 5,500 years ago were found in Japan, which means that walnuts seem to be considered as valuable food together with chestnuts and Japanese horse chestnuts.
After the shell of walnut is cracked, there find two parts of walnut meats, which is called half size.
As the crispy taste of walnut increases a flavor, halves and pieces are used a lot as raw materials for confectioneries and breads.
As walnut is covered with shell, it happens that the piece of shell remains in shelled walnut meats.
Yanji Shoei Foods is sorting walnuts by using advanced sorting machines and by human eyes in order to remove such pieces of the shell to the maximum extent.
Vacuum packed bag of walnuts is available, which is possible to prevent powder from occurring during transportation.
Different from the common walnuts (Juglans regia L. such as US walnuts and Chinese walnuts) which basis is Persian walnuts, there exists the wild walnuts (Juglans nigra L.) that has an extremely tough oval shaped shell because of being thick but the taste and flavor of the wild walnuts are much stronger than US and Chinese walnuts.
The wild walnuts are selected and sorted at Yanji Shoei Foods as well.
Walnuts are used not only for confectioneries and breads but also other cuisines such as foods dressed with various kinds of sauce, candied dishes, food boiled down in soy etc.


US Walnuts LHP
(Light Halves and Pieces)
US Walnuts LMP
(Light Medium Pieces)
US Walnuts LSP
(Light Small Pieces)
Chinese Walnuts LH
(Light Halves)
Chinese Walnuts LQ
(Light Quarters)
Chinese Walnuts LP
(Light Pieces)
Chinese Walnuts LAH
(Light Amber Halves)
Chinese Walnuts LAQ
(Light Amber Quarters)
Chinese Walnuts LAP
(Light Amber Pieces)
Chinese Wild Walnuts - Special Grade
Chinese Wild Walnuts - Grade A (Halves & Quarters) Chinese Wild Walnuts - Grade B
(Quarters & Pieces)